Act and Scheme

Something about Act and Scheme

The Maharashtra Private Security Guards (Regulation Of Employment And Welfare) Act, 1981
1 Short title, extent, commencement and application
2 Definitions
3 Scheme for ensuring regular employment of Security Guards
4 Making variation and revocation of Scheme
5 Disputes regarding application of Scheme
6 Constitution of Board
7 Power of State Government to appoint Board consisting of one person
8 Powers and duties of Board
9 Accounts and audit
10 Disqualifications and removal
11 Resignation of office by member
12 Vacancy to be filled as early as possible
13 Proceedings presumed to be good and valid
14 Determination of moneys due from employers and Security Guards
15 Advisory Committee
16 Inspectors and their powers
17 Cognizance of offences
18 Prohibition of employment of children
19 Application of Workmen’s Compensation Act to Security Guards
20 Application of Payment of Wages Act to Security Guards
21 Application of Maternity Benefit Act to Women Security Guards
22 Rights and privileges under other laws not affected in certain cases
23 Exemptions
24 Inquiry into working of the Board
26 Contracting out
27 General Penalty for offences
28 Protection of action taken under this Act
29 Power to make rule
30 Schemes and rules to be laid before State Legislature
31 Repeal of Mah. Ord.  V of 1981 and saving
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The Private Security Guards
(Regulation Of Employment And Welfare) Scheme, 2002
1 Title
2 Objects and Application
3 Interpretation
4 Secretary, Personnel Officer and other Servants of the Board
5 Functions of the Board
6 Annual estimate
7 Responsibilities and duties of Chairman
8 Functions of Secretary
9 Function of Personnel Officer
10 Maintenance of registers
11 Classification of registered security guards of the Board
12 Fixation of number of registered security guards of the Board on the Registers
13 Registration of principal employer
14 Registration of existing and new Security Guards
15 Promotion and transfer of registered security guards of the Board
16 Medical examination
17 Registration fee
18 Supply of cards
19 Service records for registered security guards of the Board
20 Record sheets for registered principal employers
21 Surrender of Identity cards
22 Disappointment money
23 Holidays
24 Obligations of registered security guards of the Board
25 Obligations of registered principal employers
26 Obligations of employer agencies
27 Obligations of principal employers of the employer agencies
28 Restriction on employment
29 Sircumstances in which this Scheme ceases to apply
30 Wages, allowances and other conditions of service of security guards of the Board
31 Disbursement of wages and other allowances to registered Guards of the Board
32 Disciplinary procedure
33 Termination of employment
34 Deletion of names of security guards of employer agency registered with the Board
35 Appeals by registered security guards of Board
36 Appeals by registered principal employers
37 Powers of revision of the Chairman
38 Settlement of disputes
39 Stay of order in case of certain appeals
40 Cost of operating the Scheme and provision for amenities and benefits to the registered security guards of the Board
41 Provident Fund and Gratuity
42 Penalties
43 Repeal and Saving
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