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Allotment Of Registered Security Guards

As regards the allotment of registered Security Guards, I have to invite your attention especially to the provisions of Clause 8(e) & 25 (2) of the Scheme.  A registered Principal Employer is under obligation to take the services of the registered Security Guards, who are allotted to him by an order of the Secretary of the Board.  On administrative ground as well as in the interest of effective security arrangement, the Board has decided to make periodic transfers of allotted Security Guards wherever necessary, so that the Security Guards should not develop personal rapport with your own Staff or workers.  Accordingly a registered Security Guard allotted to you may be transferred to another Establishment or vice-versa.  In such cases, the Principal Employer is requested to comply with the orders as and when issued. 

Please note that, if the orders regarding transfers, posting of Security Guards etc. are not complied with by the Registered Principal Employers, the registered security guards who are affected by the action of the Principal Employer, will be entitled to “Disappointment Money” in case, they are not given duties within two hours of reporting to the Establishment of Principal Employer, as provided under Clause 22 of the said Scheme.  For this purpose, the Board has passed a Resolution regarding payment of Disappointment Money which reads as under :

"When a registered Security Guard presents himself for work, as per the directions of the Board and for any reason, he is not assigned the work and is relieved within two hours of reporting work, he shall be paid Disappointment Money by the registered principal employer at the rate of half of his ordinary rates of wages.”


Remittance of Wages & Levy Thereon in Respect of Allotted Security Guards:

The Registered Principal Employers of the Board are required to remit the payment of Wages & Levy in respect of allotted Security Guards in such manner and at such time as directed by the Board, as provided under Clause 25 and Clause 31 of the Scheme.

The registered Principal  Employers shall pay in respect of categories of registered Security Guards allotted to them at the rates of Wages fixed by the Board from time to time and the same shall be remitted to the Board on or before 4th of the following month, alongwith Form No.1 devised by the Board, giving details of attendance and Wages earned by the Security Guards.  (The Form No.1 is available in the Office of the Board in booklet, containing 100 forms at the cost of Rs.29.00)

The Board has also considered the problem of over time and passed the resolution that, “if any registered Security Guard is required to work excess of limits of daily hours of work, he shall be entitled in respect of over time work, the Wages at twice the ordinary rates of Minimum Wages (Basic Wages + Spl.All./D.A) ”.

The registered Employers are therefore requested to pay the wages for over time work at double the normal rates of Minimum Wages (Basic Wages + Spl.All./D.A).

The details of present rates of wages fixed by the Board in respect of Security Guards categorywise are given on page number 13.


In order to provide different benefits, facilities and amenities to the Registered Security Guards of the Board, as provided in the Act & the Scheme framed thereunder, the Registered Principal Employers are directed, as provided under Clause 40 of the said Scheme to pay an amount by way of levy in respect of registered Security Guards of the Board allotted and engaged by him as fixed by the Board from time to time. It has been resolved that the levy under Clause 40 of the said Scheme, to be paid by the registered Employers to the Board, shall be @ 46.75% of the minimum wages (Basic Wages + Spl.All./D.A), where E.S.I. Scheme is applicable and @43% to those areas which are not covered under E.S.I. Act.  As regards the levy on over time wages, only 4.75% additional levy should be remitted on over time wages to cover the commitment on E.S.I. Scheme.  The payment of Levy is to be remitted to the Board alongwith the payment of wages, every month.

Allocation Of Levy
Sr. No. Items

% of Levy

1 Provident Fund 12
2 Ex-gratia 8.33
3 Gratuity Fund 4
4 Leave With Wages 6
5 Paid Holidays 1
6 * E.S.I.C. 4.75
7 Uniform Fund 4
8 Administration Fund 5
9 Misc. Fund 1.67
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