1. The Security Staff must report for their duties at least 15 minutes early, so as to take charge properly.
  2. The Security Staff shall be in proper and clean uniform and cleanly shaved while on duty.
  3. The Security Staff shall behave politely, attentively and in disciplined manner while on duty.
  4. No Security Guard shall leave his respective check post unless/otherwise asked by his immediate Superior in the Shift, failing which the Superiors shall be held responsible.
  5. The Security Staff shall preserve their Identity Cards, while on duty and while coming to the Office of the Board.
  6. No Security Guard shall leave his duty unless the reliever or the next shift Security Guard relieves him.
  7. No Security Guard shall proceed on leave or remain absent without prior sanction or intimation to the Management.
  8. Leave application shall be forwarded to the Board in prescribed form devised by the Board.
  9. Leave application for more than four days shall be submitted through Unit In charge and Management, such application with their recommendation should be sent to the Board at least seven (7) days in advance, so as to make necessary arrangement for substitute. The Security Guard shall proceed on Leave only after confirming sanction of his leave.
  10. No Security Guard shall be permitted to report for duties under the influence of the Alcohol. Such case should be reported to the Secretary of the Board forthwith.
  11. The Security Staff shall not keep any contact or develop rapport with the direct employees of the Factory/Establishment.
  12. The Security Staff shall not accept gifts either in cash or in any other kind from the Parties visiting the Company.
  13. The concern shift In charge shall take rounds at certain intervals during his duty hours and shall enter his findings/observations in occurrence or Log Book maintained by the Factory.
  14. The Security Staff shall follow the instructions given by the Unit In charge/Superiors and act as per his instructions.
  15. Security Guards on duty shall not quarrel or misbehave with anybody. Any act of misbehavior or misconduct will be viewed seriously by the Board and suitable disciplinary action will be taken against the concerned Security Guard.
  16. The Security Staff should carry out their duties in accordance with the directions and instructions given by the authorized representative of the Employer.